Local Since 1893

We have been operating across the Darling Downs since 1893. This means that we have been transferring property across the region for over 100 years and know the local area, people and industry better than any other business.

Don’t take a Gamble

Why would you take a gamble on what may well be one of the biggest financial transactions of your life?

Let’s face it, experience matters, and conveyancing practices don’t come with more experience than Darling Downs Conveyancing, a division of one of the oldest and most trusted and respected law firms on the Darling Downs, Groom & Lavers Solicitors.

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A Legacy that can’t be matched

tba_officeGroom & Lavers’ history is extensive and well documented. Its former partners and founders include the Groom Family who contributed immensely to the political and cultural life of the whole of Toowoomba and the Darling Downs.

So much was achieved by the Groom Family that the federal electorate of Groom is named after Mr William Groom as the first Mayor of the municipality of Toowoomba and a member for Darling Downs in the first federal parliament.

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What does this mean for you?

You can rest easy knowing that your conveyance is backed by Groom & Lavers’ legacy and experience; a legacy which spans more than 100 years across all of Queensland and the Darling Downs.

It also means that, if your transaction concerns a rural or farming property, or the sale or purchase of a business or commercial property, we understand your needs, both locally and further afield, and have the connections and know the players to ensure that your transaction proceeds smoothly with a minimum of fuss.

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