Our conveyancing team comprises our lawyers, who have over 45 years of combined legal experience in the field of property law, who are assisted by our experienced conveyancing support team.

Talk to a Solicitor, not just a Secretary

If your transaction concerns a residential sale or purchase, and you request that we review your contract before it is signed, you can rest easy knowing that your contract has actually been reviewed by a lawyer and not just a law clerk.

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Remember, all of our solicitors are available Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm, to discuss your individual legal needs. Our conveyancing support team, set out below, are also more than happy to answer any questions or concerns which you may have, or refer your questions or concerns to one of our lawyers.

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Supervising Principal Solicitors

Andrew Taylor (Click Here)

13-C6190-10 copy Andrew Taylor (LL.B) (Principal) is the Managing Partner of Groom and Lavers Solicitors and oversees the property & conveyancing division, Darling Downs Conveyancing. He commenced his legal training in 1991 whilst studying law externally through the Queensland University of Technology. He completed his degree in 1996 and was admitted as a solicitor in Queensland in July 1996.

Practice Areas:

Andrew has a broad range of experience in legal matters. He has considerable experience and interest in property and commercial law, including residential land transfers, commercial leasing, business transfers, and farming and agribusiness matters. He acts for individuals, families, small and large businesses and incorporated associations. In the past he has also acted for local governments, insurers and receivers.

Amanda Boyce (Click Here)

13-C6190-23 copy Amanda Boyce (LL.B, B.A.) (Principal) is an employed Solicitor working out of both the Oakey & Toowoomba offices. Amanda was admitted as a Solicitor following her graduation from the University of Queensland in 1994.

In concert with Andrew Taylor, Amanda oversees the property & conveyancing division. Amanda has always offered her client’s assistance in a wide range of areas, but has considerable experience and interest in property matters. In particular, she has extensive experience in the area of family law transactions, conveyancing, commercial leasing and agribusiness matters.

Our Support Team

Leanne Schilf (Click Here)

13-C6190-04 copyLeanne Schilf (C. Dec.) is the conveyancing manager for Groom & Lavers’ conveyancing division.

With over 30 years of legal experience, Leanne has extensive knowledge on all fields of commercial and residential conveyancing. She has the day-to-day oversight of our conveyancing team and the responsibility for ensuring that our clients’ property transactions proceed with a minimum of fuss.

Leanne currently lives in Oakey with her husband, Noel, and as a result she knows the Oakey area, people, and property market better than any other conveyancer on the Darling Downs.


Leanne commenced employment as a legal secretary in 1984 with a South Burnett law firm. Her keen attention to detail was quickly recognised by the partners of the firm who moved her into a senior conveyancing position. She was later heavily involved in conveyancing properties for the firm as an incidence of the “Tarong Coal Housing Project”.

Subsequently, Leanne worked in a number of large law firms in and around Brisbane where she gained “top tier” conveyancing experience, later returning to the South Burnett law firm “Hawthorn Cuppaidge & Badgery” (“HC&B“). Again, her attention to detail and extensive conveyancing knowledge was quickly recognised by the partners of the firm and as a result she took up position as the firm’s Conveyancing & Estates Manager.

After spending 13 years with HC&B, Leanne later spent a number of years in legal offices throughout North Queensland where her husband Noel was then working. She settled in Toowoomba in 2000 and commenced working with Groom & Lavers in 2004.

Practice Areas:

Leanne practices as Darling Downs Conveyancing’s principal conveyancer in the areas of House & Land Conveyancing, Commercial Property Conveyancing, Business Transfers, Land Titles & Stamp Duties Advice, and all other forms of Property Conveyancing.