Free¹ Pre-Contract Advice

Call us before signing! We will be able to provide you with advice regarding a range of issues which arise under the standard terms of residential contracts. This advice is included in the standard costs of a residential conveyance.¹

Early Advice, Before Signing

17623440_mlIn any transaction, we prefer to review the Contract prior to it being signed. The reason for this is that it is much easier to sort out any potential problems prior to the Contract being signed rather than reacting to problems as they arise during the course of the transaction.

Importantly, our ethos is that sufficient time and care is put into getting the Contract right before it is signed, the transaction will flow smoothly towards settlement.

In most transactions involving residential land or dwellings, we do not charge an additional fee for reviewing the Contract prior to our client signing it.

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Pre-Contract Steps

If we consult with you before you sign your Contract and you request our advice, we will, upon your instructions, draft any necessary clauses to protect your interests and ensure that you are satisfied that the property is not subject to flooding. If you have any doubts about that, we will recommend that a Special Condition be inserted in the Contract to allow you to make suitable enquiries.

We will also advise you regarding your obligations under the Contract to insure the property and about any other important terms of the contract.

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Our Fees of a Standard Conveyance?
Call us for a Quote

We are constantly updating our Schedule of Fees to ensure that we remain one of the most competitive conveyancing practises in Queensland. If you require a quote in respect of our fees, please contact us on (07) 4616 9600 or via our contact page.

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Fixed Fee Conveyances

In transactions involving residential land and dwellings, we are usually able to provide you with a precise quote which will include the amount of our professional fees, the cost to us of any searches which we conduct on your behalf and the amount of Stamp Duty which you will be required to pay to the Office of State Revenue (Queensland Government).

In more complex transactions, one of our Solicitors may need to consult with you either personally or by telephone in order for us to determine how much work is likely to be involved in properly representing you in relation to your proposed sale or purchase.

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